Corporate Responsibility and Social Values

JPR Solutions is a Company that is driven by its Directors to improve the welfare of employees and those in the areas with in which the business operates. The Company is fully committed to ensuring that it meets its corporate and social responsibilities.

The business is fully committed and supportive of local employment within the various areas of United Kingdom in which it operates, it is an essential part of our ethos that we recruit from surrounding areas in which our contracts operate, proactively seeking to employee from underrepresented and minority groups, provide fair and equal opportunities to ex-offenders and others who would not elsewise be able to gain employment. Our policy is to give fair and equal opportunity of employment to all groups in each geographic location in which we operate, providing training and assistance to help those in our society who would otherwise not always be given such employment chances.

The ethics of the Company are such that the organisation supports a homeless charity and is active in trying to improve the lives of those it encounters, we believe that only by such actions from responsible businesses will society in general improve, the very lives of those less well off than ourselves will only ever develop and grow if we all take an active role in this critical area. It is down to the leaders of business in both the private and public sectors to assist the government in the drive to improve individual’s views on responsibility, community and re-instil the values which help build a responsible caring society.

Whilst legislation can drive corporations and SME’s to do more, it must be driven by the very values of the boards and proprietors of business. JPR’s Directors strong believe in the doing what is right, putting back into society what we can, investing in those that others may not believe in. After all it is only right and proper to build upon these core values, to work with the less well off in our communities to create employment, which in turn improves these communities and helps reduce crime, unemployment and lessons the burden upon the state.

Working with Several Ambulance Service NHS Trusts, Private ambulance providers and other organisations we have already demonstrated our commitment to local employment, to the development of those individuals who wish to grow and who embrace the opportunities given to them. Operating as we do in many economically deprived areas, JPR has continued to provide employment and security to those from those communities, we have built relationships with the local job centres, provided people of all backgrounds and of varied life situations with employment. The empowerment that a permanent job gives a person is both rewarding and satisfying, it is the very reason that drives the Company to continually grow.

JPR is a responsible employer, it is socially responsible, paying its taxes in the UK, growing and enhancing the lives of those who are employed by it, all part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities.